A Poem

A Poem 28 – God’s Repentance Over Bloodshed In War

A Poem:

Still the blunders and crimes I committed unwittingly

haunt me still and hound me even at this distance.

The heart-rending music of wailful choirs and choruses

of widows, mothers, sisters, brothers, nephews and nieces

bereaved of their nearest kith and kin, bemoaning over

the beheaded and bleeding bodies with the limbs

that are scattered hither and thither in the battlefield

melt my heart to its innermost core.

The stately and kingly men that never stoop in their looks

who tread the world on the horseback or stately chariots

drawn by elegant elephants are seen with their

chariots half-dug in the earth and the charioteers and animals killed.

Now, bereft of life, very tranquil and clam

their bodies lie in the dirt, kissing and embracing dust

in the ultimate lap of their mother-earth

while their souls hover in ethereal regions far above

cut off from the worries of the world.

A Poem

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A Poem Comment: Just like in the poem of the western part, in this poem also, God repents over the blunders committed by him unwittingly. The aftermath of war is the heart-rending music of wailful choirs of widows, mothers, sisters, brothers etc., over the beheaded and bleeding bodies of their kith and kin that are scattered over hither and thither in the battlefield. “A Poem” written by Chaganti Subbarao Poet.