Appealing Poem
Appealing Poem

Appealing Poem 6: God Delegating Powers To Devil

Appealing Poem:

One millennium they continued the construction

and they are about to reach and catch God.

Fury of God frowned on the Devilish Chaos

who is always contemplating plans of Disorder.

On the advice of His council, God called chaos

for a conference of compromise,

perhaps, to placate and appease the Chaos

and passed some orders with the concurrence of chaos

which came to be known as God’s orders.

God tried to compromise good and evil in a single capsule

and delegated powers to the Devil to change laws

as the changing times may demand

with all good intents and purposes.

But at Devil’s hand all these degenerated into Disorders

nullifying all the good intents of God’s orders.

Appealing Poem by Chaganti Subbarao
Appealing Poem by Chaganti Subbarao

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Comment: The Poet tells an appealing poem about the devil which incites humans to rebel against God and God tries to appease the Devil by delegating some powers to it. This is one of the best English poems written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.