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best poem

Best Poem 5: Devil Creating Divisions

Best Poem:

Meanwhile, the Devilish Chaos contemplated a plan of party politics

and divided the beings into Aero-beings and Hydro-beings

Each began fighting the other in an internecine war.

Wind and Water rebelled and created infinite disorders.

Finally, Wind Seemed to conspire with the Sun

contemplating and contriving a plan of drying up the water.

immediately, God intervened and passed two orders

creating Hermaphrodites on the Mass Earth

and further creating herbs, trees, plants with roots and fruits

on the Earth as food for survival of all earthly beings

making Hermaphrodites as the head of all earthly beings.

Hermaphrodites are the most intelligent beings

that controlled all the earthly beings

bringing peace and happiness to all

faithfully implementing God’s orders

This continued long for a millennium.

Tremendous unity, coordination and cooperation

became the hallmarks of the Hermaphrodites.

They are bisexual and in all respects equal.

But the Devilish chaos crept into their minds

advising them to construct a giant structure

touching the skies and the regions of God

with an intent to catch and bring God as captive to Earth

for technical know-how to conquer all planets and galaxies

Best poem by Chaganti Subbarao
Best poem by Chaganti Subbarao

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Comment: The Best poem comes out from the mouth of the poet about the devil creating divisions and party politics and God’s intervention to set right disorders. This is one of the best moving poems written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.