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Deep Poems 29- Aftermath Of War And Ghastly Scenes

Deep Poems:

Still, I see the ghastly scenes that gave great food festival

to all the nocturnal animals, creatures and birds of prey

where jackals and wolves speedily carry mouthfuls

of limbs for a satiating supper.

Vultures and ravens nail their powerful and forceful plucks

into the dead bodies to suck in beakful of flesh

as if to take revenge and vengeance on the bodies

that are so far fed to their bellyful growth

by the meat and flesh of their kin animals and birds.

They seem to enjoy a carnival and cannibal festival of fulfilled joy.

All these torment me to the innermost core of my heart.

Again the practice of brutal killings of innocent animals

in the form of glorious and holy sacrifices

as a propitiation to Gods and due compensation

to the sins and ills committed in the internecine war

melts and sinks my entire being into remorseful labyrinths

of unwordable and pensive contemplations of the committed crime.

Deep poems
Deep poems

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Deep poems Comment: These deep poems gives a graphic description of the ghastly scenes of the dead bodies scattered over hither and thither in the battlefield which have become food for the nocturnal animals, creatures, and birds of prey. where jacales and wolves speedily carry mouthfuls limbs for a satiating supper.