English Poem
English poem

English Poem 2: Chaotic Disturbances In The Universe

English Poem:

Creation and procreation has its origin and genesis

in the aboriginal and untraceable times of yore

when the Dark Devil during Almighty’s yogic sleep,

conspired and combined with the Divine Bright Cosmos

creating infinite thunders and lightning, implosions and

explosions, all actions, reactions and disorders

tearing the calm and tranquil universe into pieces.

Both the Bodies split into infinite particles

ceaselessly engulfing the entire space of Universe

english poem by chaganti subbarao
English poem by Chaganti Subbarao

Comment: The poet tells a moving poem through the mouth of Mother Universe that during the Almighty’s Yogic sleep, the dark devil combines with the Bright Cosmos and created all disturbances and disorders. This is one of the best poems written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.

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