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English Poetry

English Poetry 17: Machinations Of Devil & Degeneration

English poetry:

Devil in man comes out craving for its food.

Man bows down to corruption and accumulated wealth

making all laws fruitless and ineffective.

People live lifeless lives and honourless lives.

Money earned is the criterion, not the means.

Education loses its luster and value.

Commerce thrives, intellect degenerates.

Mental pursuits become unremunerative.

Money buys everything relegating merit.

Honourless and worthless slaves thrive

at the cost of merit and nobility.

At Devil’s hands, Men become inhuman and heartless,

shed crocodile tears and turn callous to loss of lives.

People who deem it as their fate

when subjected to Adharma

and do not rise to uphold Dharma

are destined to live the life of slavery.

English poetry by Chaganti Subbarao
English poetry by Chaganti Subbarao

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Comment: This English poetry tells about how the Devil which is dormant in man comes out suddenly and the man bows down to corruption and how merit is relegated and how honorless and worthless thrive. This is one of the best poems written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.