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Famous Poems

Famous Poems 18: God’s Universe-protective System & Devil Disturbing Ecological Balance

Famous poems:

Need-based and desire-controlled economy is God’s order.

Greed-based and commercial minded economy is Devil’s Disorder.

God created noble idealists believing in the brain-wave of God

behind all creation and all good in this world

and also pragmatic materialists believing in the wherewithal

in doing any good or creating anything substantial.

Both with good intents to preserve the world.

But the Devil created megalomaniacs and pyromaniacs

destroying their base earth and ecological system.

Protective forests and wildlife caught in the cob-web

of modern civilization for temporary gains and comforts

deplete and wither away ultimately imbalancing the system.

famous poems by Chaganti Subbarao
famous poems by Chaganti Subbarao

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Comment: These Famous poems tell about the introduction of the need-based economy by God and greed-based economy by the Devil. Further, it tells about the noble idealists and pragmatic materialists created by God with good intents to preserve the world and the Devil creating megalomaniacs and pyromaniacs destroying the base earth and ecological system. This is one of the best poems written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.