At the outset, I should confess that I am neither a great poet nor a philosopher as my knowledge is very limited and the books I studied are very few.

As a common man, I had some feelings when I faced some situations or when I came across some schools of thought, eastern or western. What I tried to do in this book is to put these feelings in black and white freely and frankly. I had some poetic flare-ups in my early youth which took some shape in the form of a book of pastime poetry. After a long gap of 20 years, in my middle age, I had this poetic or philosophic blow-out.

I think that I have made some sort of an attempt at a synthesis of eastern and western thoughts which are universal. I hope that this book will appeal to all as it contains some deeper reflections on life besides some fun.

I hope that my readers will enjoy the fun and philosophy contained in the leaves that follow. I dedicate this book to the common man.

(Chaganti Subba Rao)

The Author