God’s Orders And Devil’s Disorders

A book of moving poems containing an analysis as well as the synthesis of Eastern and Western concepts of God & Creation, Good and Evil, God & Devil, Orders and Disorders, Dharma and Adharrma appealing to one and all.

Further, this Book

  1. Contains deeper reflections on all aspects of life.
  2. Analyses all divisions and diversities among humans.
  3. Inspires humans to come out from the narrow divisions of caste, creed, religion, and region to realize the oneness of omnipotent Almighty.
  4. Urges them to purge themselves of all inimical feelings and to love peace and harmony and strive towards the Global Unity of mankind.
  5. Inspires them to love all-preserving and life-giving Nature and preserve the ecological balance.
  6. Convinces them to turn from material civilization to the spiritual one and avoid the victory of dying over the dead of nuclear war.