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Good Poems 21: God’s Repentance And Pensiveness

Good Poems:

When I asked the Mother Universe what God is doing,

leaving the world to Devil’s disorders, She spoke thus:

God seems to wear a remorseful and pensive cap,

Perhaps, he repents the harm done to humans thus:


By a bad Council and a bad Counsel, I left the world to the Devil

subjecting the humans to innumerable harms,

letting the Devil at large to feed on the humans

who still believe that I assume an Avatar

and destroy the Devil and its Disorders,

creating a sublime human and divine order

that sets aside all disorders putting the World to perfect order

where humanity and divinity only dominate

yielding no place to Devil to raise its ugly head again.

Good poems
Good poems

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Comment: The poet asks the Mother Universe in this poem about what God is doing leaving the world to the Devil’s disorders, then her answering that God is remorseful and he repents the harm done to humans. This is one of the best English poems and Indo Anglian poetry written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.