great poem
great poem

Great Poem 32 – Preaching Of Peace And Love

Great poem:

I shall teach and preach the humans to strive

for good and food of their fellow beings

which only deads to svarga and moksha.

I shall quote the examples of Mahatma

who brought peace in a short while

in the strife-torn State of different faiths

which battalions could not have brought about.

Mahatma reformed the hearts from inimical feelings

and spread in the feelings of humanity.

His peace-flood of struggle for freedom

washed away all barriers and barricades

of tyrranical rule of Master-colonists and capitalists

inducing them into a reverential surrender

at his peace-incarnate Avatar which speaks and hears,

breathes in and breathes out peace and love.

Flag of peaceful freedom unfurled on the Indian soil,

not soiled even by an iota of human blood.

great poem
great poem

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Great poem Comment: In this poem, God tells about the necessity of service to fellow-beings and importance of non-violence. He quotes the example of Mahatma Gandhi who strived for the good of humanity and brought peace in the strife-torn State of different faiths. Further, Mahatma reformed the hearts from inimical feelings and spread the feelings of humanity.