Indo Anglian Poetry
Indo Anglian Poetry

Indo Anglian Poetry 15: Devil Creating The Dubious & God’s Precautions

Indo Anglian Poetry:

Besides, Devil created men, quoting scriptures,

masquerading as holy monks, gathering masses,

worshipping mammon, material wealth and power,

propagating sects posing as Avatars,

making intellectual ignoramuses worship them,

that leads the innocent masses to emulate in prostration.

So called Holy monks make spring actions,

receiving commands from a Supremo behind and

steeping themselves in up-to-date comforts,

of modern sophisticated and material world.

To cover up and camouflage a wide criminal network,

they issue saintly and sanctified sanctions

to all their dastardly deeds against God’s commands.

But God took care to infuse some good into every bad,

some order, even in disorder, making even the Devil

instrumental in doing Angelic deeds.

Besides, Devil created erotic philosophers

who say that bodily sins do not touch the soul.

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Comment: This poem tells about the degeneration caused in the man by the devil. It has created dubious men quoting scriptures, masquerading as Holy monks and posing as avatars. The so called Holy monks make spring actions and steep themselves in up-to-date comforts and do dastardly deeds against God’s commands. This is the best English poems written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.