Interesting Poem
Interesting Poem

Interesting Poem 4 – Origin of Life On Earth

Interesting Poem:

Cosmic gases combined and formed life-infusing wind and water

wherefrom all genetic orders amidst Biochemical reactions

with the material substances occurred producing the basic life

and life-sustaining Biospheric system in and around the earth

Each genetic life-cell sucked in substances around

enlarging itself into the maximum possible size

and finally split itself into two genetic life-cells,

ultimately, transforming single cell-beings into multicell beings.

Thus wind and water combined and made

all creatures from the material earth.

There is no death to these basic beings of the earth

This process happily continued for a millennium.

Interesting poem by Chaganti Subbarao
Interesting poem by Chaganti Subbarao

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Comment: The poet tells an interesting poem about the creation of life on earth by wind and water and about the transformation of the single cell beings into multicell beings on the material earth and there is no death to these basic beings of the earth. This is one of the best poems written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.