moving poem
moving poem

Moving Poem 3: Formation Of Planets Of Solar System

Moving Poem:

Meanwhile, God startled and woke up, frowned and commanded thus:

”Let there be some order in the created disorder

Let the Ethereal Vacuum spread and settle the matter.”

All the remaining bright burning substances whirled out

into a distance forming the mass nucleus Centre

of the Solar System or the ever-burning Sun Divine.

Some disturbed particles whirled into circular motion as electrons

While the others settled as the nucleus of protons and neutrons.

All these particles crystallized into Atoms and Molecules

finally precipitating into masses of earthly materials

that came to be known as the Planets of the Universe.

Internal electron dominated moving system

made the planets rotate round themselves

while general mass gravitational forces of kinship

made the planets move round their mass nucleus, the sun

Meanwhile, the ethereal vacuum settled round the Planets

stopping all chaotic combinations of the revolving planets

thoroughly ensuring the orbital revolving system of planets.

moving poem by chaganti subbarao
moving poem by Chaganti Subbarao

comment: A moving poem comes out from the mouth of the poet. The God is startled and orders the Ether to settle the disorders created by the Devil and to create the orbital revolving system of planets. This is one of the best poems written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.

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