New Poetry
New Poetry

New Poetry 27- God’s Attempts To Protect Peace And Avoid War

New Poetry:

I assumed the Avatar of Lord Krishna

and strived my best to bring lasting peace among the kinsmen

as War leads to loss of lives and cultures

to be followed by the worst and wily successors

of mixed virtues and cultures adulterated with vice.

My efforts did not bear fruit and perforce.

I had to ferment and foment the war.

When Arjuna’s heart melted when he foresaw

the loss of human lives and the bloodshed

of the genocidal kinsmen war of Kurukshetra,

I had to inspire him with unworldly ideals

of Swadharma, Paradhama and Immortal Atma

and preach the philosophy of necessary violence

for the extripation and elimination of evil or Adharma

and for establishment of the Rule of Dharma or Virtue,

but at a cost of much bloodshed and loss of lives

quite opposed to the basic principles of humanity

as life is most valuable according to earthly laws.

In the war, all the peace-built edifices of progress

are lost stunting chances of growth for a long time.

“New Poetry” Poem written by Chaganti Subbarao

New Poetry
New Poetry

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New poetry Comment: This poem “New poetry” tells about the attempts of the Lord to protect peace and avoid war. Lord assumes the Avatar of Lord Krishna and tries his best to bring lasting peace among the kinsman as war leads to loss of lives and cultures. Lord finally says his efforts didn’t bear fruit and he had to foment war while Arjuna foresaw the loss of lives and the bloodshed.