Peaceful Poems
Peaceful Poems

Peaceful Poems 34 – Peaceful Spiritualism To Protect The World

Peaceful Poems:

I find the cause for all ills of humanity

in the disproportionate growth of humans

when compared to the growth of animals and birds.

Hence, I preach Global-ceiling on births for some decades.

I shall turn the humans from the material civilization

of mechanical probes that make them ever dependant and binding

being caught in the vicious cob-web of multiplying desires

and make them tread the path of peaceful spiritualism

and self-realization to find the latent power of the Atman

that lies dormant in them which is omnipotent and omniscient.

All the achievements of modern Material civilization

are nothing when compared to the power of Atman.

I shall strive for peace by ending inner war urges

by fostering faith in the oneness of all Global beings

and elevate them to unimaginable heights of humanism

giving no further scope for clashes among humans.

Humans will realize that it will be foolish to await

the results of dying over the dead of the nuclear war

and by their own volition destroy all the nuclear weapons

and turn from the material civilization to the spiritual one.

Peaceful Poems
Peaceful Poems

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Peaceful Poems Comment: This is the conclusive and assertive poem telling about the importance of spiritualism over the achievements of modern civilization of materialism. Further, it tells about the necessity of destruction of nuclear weapons for the achievement of peace and progress. These Peaceful Poems were written by Chaganti Subbarao, India