Poem 31 – God Assuming peace-Incarnate Avatar And Preaching Non-Violence


Ardently I oppose all inner urges in men for war

and decidedly, I assume a peace-incarnate Avatar

taking a white-banner in my raised hand and

in white from head to foot clad.

I will come in a white-marbled chariot

drawn by milk-whitey horses

spreading the practices of peace and love far and wide,

washing out all bloody crimes,

purifying the hearts and minds of the humans

from the sinful thoughts and feelings

that lead to all ills of the world,

washing out all divisions and divided rulings,

establishing a global rule of all global beings,

reforming the human hearts to offer first

food to their fellow-beings and animals

and after that only to satisfy themselves,

making them share Nature’s bounty equally without a clash

and love all-preserving and life-giving Nature

and prescribing uniform worship of one Comic being of the world.

I shall teach and preach the humans

to come out from the narrow and selfish creeds

that divide men in the name of God

and foster faith in the oneness of God

and strive for global unity of mankind

never trying to bind or hold people

to one religion or the other.


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This poem Comment: This poem tells about God’s decision to assume peace-incarnate avatar taking a white banner in his hand and to come in white marble chariot spreading the practices of peace and love far and wide. Further, God wishes to wash out all bloody crimes and purify the hearts and minds of the humans from the sinful thoughts and feelings. This poem written by Chaganti Subbarao.