Poem 19: God’s Natural Relaxation Orders & Devil’s Artificial Intoxication Disorders


God passed natural relaxation and rejuvenation orders

of taking rest under the trees which shed and spread cool shade

or observing at river-side, the natural beauty of Sunset or Sunrise

or breathing or feeling soothing touches of soul-calming breeze

or seeing night’s silence or God’s creation of galaxic beauties.

But Devil introduced the slow poison of flesh-devouring wine

and its intoxication amidst the maddening musics

of artificial Night Houses of pseudo-relaxation

that fleece the people of their money and bodily strength.

The dim-lighting of those devilish houses

cover up the faces of the sanctimonious

who preach scriptures during daytime

making holy appearances with unholy inside.


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Comment: This poem tells about God passing natural relaxation and rejuvenation order of taking rest under the trees which shed and spread cool shade or observing at Riverside, the natural beauty of sunset or sunrise, and the Devil introducing the slow poison of flesh-devouring wine and its intoxication amidst the maddening music of artificial Night houses of pseudo-relaxation etc., This English poem written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.