poems about life
poems about life

Poems About Life 14: Almighty’s Monotheistic Belief Order & Devil’s Multi-Religious Disorders

Poems About Life:

Next came God’s monotheistic Belief Order

aiming at self-realisation and spiritualism

stressing individualistic meditation and yogic worship

for perceiving the Omnipotent and Omniscient Almighty

prohibiting all preachings and propagations

of any cult, creed or religion.

But Devil’s Divisive and Destructive Disorders

creating cults, creeds, superstitions,

races, religions, castes, sub-castes and several sects

with multiplicity of Gods and Goddesses

confusing the basic truth of oneness of God

with Devil’s inhuman and brutal force held sway

leading in all times to Religious and Global wars

sinking the world into bloodbath battles of Genocide.

In the name of God and religion,

each sect branded the other as infidel

spreading a deification mantle to cover up

all cannibal crimes of inhuman war.

actually desecrating the fair name of God,

destroying and relegating to the ground,

all permanent structures and cultures

that peace has patiently built brick in brick.

poems about life
poems about life

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Comment: This Poems About Life tells about God’s monotheistic belief order, self-realization, spiritualism individualistic meditation and yogic worship to perceive the omnipotent and Omniscient Almighty and the devil creating divisive and destructive disorders of cults, creeds, superstitions, races, and religions cates leading to religious and Globel wars. This is the best Poems About Life written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.