Poems 20: Devine And Devil Elements In Humans


Thus there will be both divine and devil elements in men

from the inception of the world and worldly order.

In all disorders and explosions, Devil’s hand is there.

In all orders settling disorders, God’s hand is there.

In every good, there is God and in every evil there is devil.

Around every cosmic ray of hope and light of God

pervades deeply chaotic maya of darkness.

Like the mystic darkness that pervades the universe during night

to show up the original light of planets and galaxies,

the background of evil and vice illuminate the worth of good and virtue.

Men and materials are subject to orders, disorders, births, deaths,

destructions, rebirths and re-constructions in an inescapable system

functioning according to God’s orders and Devil’s disorders.

But God assured salvation to humans alone but not to the Devil

who is destined to feed on the humans,

intent on depraving and degrading them

in the messachist joy of gathering strength

against mankind and God’s orders.

There is an ardent hope among the humans that

when Chaos dominates much creating intolerable disorders,

Cosmic rays of God come down to the earth

to destroy the Devil to its root

and to control and balance the system.

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English poems Comment: These Poems is a very philosophical and analytical poem telling about the existence of both divine and devil elements in man from the inception of the world and worldly order. Further, Poems tell about disorders and explosions of the Devil and God setting disorders. Further, the existence of God in every good and devil, in every evil and the necessity of the existence of both good and bad etc., This is one of the best poems written by the author, Chaganti Subbarao.